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Forgotten Folk Dances: Italy

Check out our past video from Italy 2016!
XXVII Festival Delle Tre Torri Incontri Con Il Folklore Internazionalle

Coming Soon Italy 2025

Our team of students and mentors will capture the liveliness of folk dances from Italy over the course of four festivals around the country! Students will follow CRAVE Radio's talented team to Italy, stopping in Treviso, St. Angelo Romano, Sardinia, and Puglia. Our team will be on the ground and behind the scenes of each festival to learn more about the folk dances that enrich Italian culture.


CRAVE Radio host-founder, Samantha Ferro, and her CRAVE team member Alex Lopez will make their trip to Italy to rediscover their familial roots for the first time! Curious about CRAVE radio? Listen to their show on their page!

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